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Hi, my first book My Basque Cuisine is available now in all good book stores.

My Basque Cuisine contains over 100 recipes and colour photographs which will surely entice you to dive into the world of the fabulous food of the Basque Country.

I simply love cookbooks and it comes as no surprise that I have always wanted to write my own. I've always documented just about everything I have cooked and now have a huge collection of my recipes to look back on in the future. I actually started to write a book a few years ago but didn't really have any type of plan to get it published so it was shelved until the start of the year when I decided to get back to it.

Along with a great selection of recipes for classic and modern dishes comes beautiful photography by the award winning food photographer, Jean Cazals.

My Basque Cuisine.

400 pages, hardcover with over 100 colour photos.

Available now in all good book stores.

During a trip to Barcelona in the late summer 2000, I was captivated by the local cuisine. Further trips followed to the North of Spain, particularly the Basque Country where I fell in love with the culture and cuisine. Entranced by its fabulous fresh ingredients, rich colours and comforting robust flavours I knew I had found food heaven, and I haven't looked back since.

The Basque region borders France and Spain on the Atlantic coast and My Basque Cuisine contains over 100 of its and the North of Spain's Gorgeous dishes- some I cooked on Masterchef and others that are family favourites and signiture dishes. Within the pages of this sumptuous book you'll find recipes for hearty soups, warming fish stews and salads; piquant tapas, fabulous vegetable dishes and mouth watering cakes and desserts.

Written with the home kitchen in mind most of the recipes included here are simple to prepare and need no specialist equipment. I have put emphasis on good quality fresh produce and traditional cuisine combined with modern cooking techniques.

In My Basque Cuisine I focus on getting the right balance between beautiful looking food and perfectly balanced flavours to help anyone at home prepare the glorious food of the Basque Country.

Recipes include:

Basque potato and leek soup with salt cod fritters

Pan fried quail with grapes, almond, honey and sherry vinegar

Olive oil poached cod with lentils, chorizo and piperade jus

Hake and clams in salsa verde with jamon serrano

Braised pork cheek in Salsa Vizcaina with creamed potatoes

Apple and olive oil cake with walnut streusel and Pedro Ximenez poached sultanas

Whole fried red mullet with Mojo verde sauce

Chocolate and almond fondant with toasted almond ice cream and vanilla crumbs

Donostia night time.

All images Copyright 2012 Ash Mair

My Basque Cuisine cover shot. Lamb with romesco sauce. Chicken feve and fideo broth. Braised oxtail with parsnip and smoked pancetta.